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Discover the path to your American dream with a FREE legal review of your green card case by a dedicated U.S. immigration attorney from the GovAssist Legal team.

Unlock incredible savings on your U.S. green card application and embark on a life-changing journey with GovAssist Legal’s expert guidance.Experience the peace of mind you deserve with FREE answers to all your questions about your green card case. Let our modern and remote based service model help you navigate the complexities of U.S. immigration.

  • Free introduction to your unique situation
  • Complete confidentiality to protect your privacy
  • Immediate access to the most current legal information, legal team and attorney
  • Half the cost of other typical immigration law firms

Begin your exciting new chapter with confidence. Reach out to us today, and let’s build your future together.

Renew / Replace Your USA Green Card Today!

 Application preparation, review & submission

 Dedicated case manager & status updates

 Electronic smart forms & document translation

 Online chat support

 Filling instructions, printing & shipping

 In-house attorney review

Regular Price: $550 Only $350

We will not sell or share your information.

Government fees not included

Our Assurance
Anna S.

“I got professional support and continuous updates on my case. Excellent service. Fully recommend GovAssist Legal.”

Renew Your Green Card in 4 Simple Steps

Personal attorney

Purchase our service for a ONE-TIME FEE, fill in your personal data online and have them reviewed by your immigration lawyer.

File the application

Prepare the documents for the renewal of your Green Card and have them filed according to the instructions.

Prepare the evidence

Gather the documents that prove your case and pay the official fees. Your case manager will let you know if you qualify for any fee exemptions.

Get the renewed Green Card

Have an immigration lawyer at your side throughout the process and receive your new Green Card without any hassles.

Consult online with your attorney from the comfort of your own device, and benefit from legal representation until you receive your renewed Green Card.

Join More Than 100,000 Satisfied Customers*

Renew your Green Card stress-free!

Licensed U.S. immigration lawyers.

100% online, encrypted and secure system for your privacy.

Low costs and 24/7 dedicated client support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our company is a groundbreaking law firm employing Utah-licensed lawyers to practice law. We specialize in U.S. immigration law and we have been working with both Green Card and Green Card Renewal-related cases.

We work to ensure the highest approval rate for the Green Card renewal applications that we prepare, verify and assist you with.

The U.S. immigration law and procedures are intricate and constantly changing. An experienced immigration lawyer can help you avoid any mistakes that may lead to long processing times and provide legal advice.

Our revolutionary model was legally allowed for the first time ever in 2020 under the Utah Supreme Court’s Sandbox Program.

The one-time fee for our services has become more and more affordable, with the implementation of online tools to streamline your case management and with the expansion of our paralegals network, supervised by in-house immigration lawyers. You will be provided with attorney representation throughout your case.

We provide a new type of service, a combination between the old and the new. Online tools help our immigration paralegals review your application and supporting documents for potential mistakes to avoid any procedural delays. Your designated immigration lawyer will review your case, answer your legal questions and provide valuable legal advice

No, but rest assured we aim to make sure you are more than prepared for any in-person interviews or interactions with the U.S. government.

Our law firm is based in Utah, therefore we use a limited-scope client agreement that allows us to represent you throughout your case, but not for any in-person matters. You can always connect with your immigration attorney via phone, email, or a video-conferencing platform.

No, it is not necessary. U.S. immigration law is a federal legal issue, the same throughout U.S. territory.  Your assigned immigration attorney can assist you in any immigration-related matter. And because this is done remotely, our law firm can function (also) online and be the most cost-effective option for you.

The U.S. government’s processing timeline depends on the institutions’ backlog and cannot be sped up by anyone. However, our online tools can help you fill out the forms much faster. Having an attorney review your case will help ensure your application is complete and will help you avoid mistakes in filing.

100% Risk Free Service

Regular Price: $400 Only $300

Get Your U.S. Visa. Save Time, Money and Worries.

Anna S.

"I successfully got my US Visa and I could not be any happier. I highly recommend GovAssist Legal and their expert support team!"

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*GovAssist LLC our parent company has serviced over 100k+ customers in travel visa services

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